One more thing about...
manual planning

One more thing about...

Episode 2: manual planning


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According to our survey, planning is still typically being done using pen and paper, or spreadsheets. But let’s face it – for large projects this becomes tedious at best and very, very expensive at worst. But how do we find the right moment to switch to software-supported planning? Watch our new video and find out.

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If we talk about optimized planning, we generally distinguish between three planning horizons: operational planning, tactical planning, and strategic planning.
Let’s have a closer look at strategic planning and what it is about.

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As promised, we don’t settle for regular heuristics: we make them meta! We explain what that means and how it works in our new episode.

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To the untrained eye, it is not immediately obvious whether using a solver is an easy step or impossible. Let’s take a look at problem complexity, scalability to our problem size.

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