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One more thing about... phase 3: the fully productive phase

After we have built a prototype in phase 1 and the Minimum Viable Product in phase 2, now comes the freestyle: all additional wishes and requirements are built in.

Production in times of change – efficiently upgrading your planning processes

Production planning can be performed far more efficiently with mathematical optimization instead of a spreadsheet. We demonstrate the advantages!

Machine Learning and mathematical optimization - even better together!

Mathematical optimization and machine learning both have their strengths and weaknesses. By combining both, however, they complement one another perfectly.

One more thing about... phase 2: the MVP

Optimization projects are complex and time-consuming. With a minimal, viable product in project phase 2, we stay on track!

Responding more efficiently to unforeseen downtime

Unforeseen downtime occurs in prodcution more often than we think. We show you how to handle this efficiently with mathematical optimization.
Preventing Supply Chain Disruptions

Scenario planning for more resilient supply chains

How can supply chains remain resilient when major disruptions such as pandemics take businesses unawares? Scenario planning is the answer...

Demand Forecasting with Predictive Analytics

Many factors influence consumer behavior. We show you how to improve your forecasts with Predictive Analytics.

One more thing about... phase 1: the prototype

Optimization projects are complex and time-consuming. With a prototype, we ensure early on that everything is going in the right direction.
Supply Chain Analytics

Why Supply Chain Analytics? – Part II

The need for effective Supply Chain Management is growing the more complex supply chains become. Supply chain analytics can be deployed for many use cases in your company.

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