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Write your thesis at OPTANO

Are you about to finish your studies? Then sooner or later you will have to write your thesis. Perhaps you’ve already chosen a subject, or maybe you still haven’t found the right one?

You can apply to write one of OPTANO’s advertised theses. Or you can also send us an application proposing a subject of your own. In this case, we would look and see if this is an appropriate subject for OPTANO.

We offer subjects for your thesis that are always based on real tasks and problems from practice. In addition, OPTANO has some of the best experts who will support you with their technical and methodological know-how. You will receive professional and personal support from our team colleagues during the entire period of your thesis.

We now have many young colleagues in our team who started at OPTANO by writing their thesis. And, since a good degree is also a good career start, many of them have continued to stay on and work with us afterwards. See for yourself!

What we offer you:

During your thesis you will have a qualified mentor at your side who can help you structure your work in a targeted manner. This means you will always have someone with whom you can discuss procedures and content – even if you get stuck now and again.

When you write your thesis with us, you do not have fixed working hours. Instead, you can schedule the hours you want to work with your mentor.

You can work flexibly on your thesis and decide whether you want to work from home or come into the office. You will be provided with a workspace at OPTANO from where you can work efficiently. However, we understand if you feel you can work better from home. You decide!

We are aware that OPTANO benefits from your knowledge and commitment. This is why we reward you with an attractive salary while you write your thesis.
We would like to benefit from your knowledge and commitment and believe that your thesis should attract the attention it deserves within our company. This is why we offer you the opportunity to present the results of your work to other colleagues.

First-hand experience

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
We are always happy to help .

Kerstin Bause
Head of Human Resources

Henning Burges
Human Resources Manager