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How would you like to test the OPTANO platform quite easily via browser and also free-of-charge? The OPTANO Cloud Demo lets you test a lot of things on your own:

  • The range of features the platform offers
  • Interactive solutions to various use cases
  • The possibility to develop individual solutions

See for yourself what OPTANO has to offer and why it is the best choice for you and your business. Because sometimes, only seeing is believing.

TravelingSalesman Map

Examples of different planning challenges

Discover how OPTANO solves even your most complex planning challenges. To best demonstrate the OPTANO platform, we have developed solutions for you which are representative of various planning issues. The use cases in our examples are fairly basic ones but they allow you to test OPTANO interactively. Because sometimes, only seeing is believing. And you won’t know  until you’ve tried it.

Each example is representative of a question to a real problem for which a mathematical model has been construed. This model calculates and visualizes an optimal solution on the basis of the data that has been entered.

  • Offshore Windfarm

    The problem: „How can costs be kept at a minimum when laying underwater cables to generate electricity from an offshore windfarm?”

    (This example can also be applied to network models in general, such as  communication and transport networks, etc.)

  • Facility Location

    The problem: „Where should facilities  such as warehouses, factories, etc. be built?”

    (This example can also be applied to other cases such as supply chains and logistics).

  • The Traveling Salesman Problem

    The problem: “How can we work out the shortest route for a traveling salesman so that he can visit each place once?”

    (This example applies to general cases such as route planning, circuit design and DNA sequencing).

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