Optimal planning across the entire value chain

An industry in transition.

Breaking new ground in the automotive industry

The automotive industry is currently undergoing a structural change like no other. E-mobility, autonomous driving and alternative fuels are major challenges the industry is facing – but they also offer huge development opportunities. At the same time,  current production must continue to run trouble-free. Delivery problems at the  supplier end in particular keep disrupting what should be a smooth production process. 


It is essential to meet both current and future challenges as efficiently as possible and be well prepared for them.

Actively meeting the challenges of the future with the right solutions for the automotive industry.

Supply Chain Planning

With OPTANO you can map and optimally plan the sort of complex supply chains which are typical of the automotiveindustry while still keeping all of your objectives in focus. And even if it is necessary to replan frequently and at short notice – this new plan will also be optimally tailored to meet your target.

Production planning

 OPTANO supports you during every stage of your production planning and makes your planning easy, even in the event of sudden changes, without losing sight of your other targets: Increasing machine capacity and delivery reliability and minimizing lead times.

employee Capacity Planning

Your employees are a valuable resource. OPTANO lets you create cost-efficient and fairly distributed employee schedules. Here, the software not only considers the employees’ individual skills but also their preferred working hours.

Network planning

Especially when it comes to international networks in the automotive industry, there are many factors that need to be considered. OPTANO takes all constraints and objectives into account and provides sound recommendations for action on strategic planning issues.


Dr. Jens Peter Kempkes


Mathematical optimization is the method of choice to sustainably optimize structures and processes.

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