Plan and optimize
your complete network
with a single tool


Respond fast to disruptions and sudden changes.

 Ensure the effective
utilization of all your relevant operating and personnel



 Get minimal costs for maximum gain across the entire network.

 Create optimal plans based on real data with
mathematical optimization.


Manual planning quickly reaches its limits with the complexity of large strategic networks.

Network planning is a challenging task.

The strategic planning of production and logistic networks is a demanding task. It is said that approx. 80% of the costs of a network are already determined during the planning stage. The savings potential here is therefore immense.

A network can only run efficiently if it can fulfil a requirement punctually and at low cost, and provided all of the resources are utilized properly. If this is not the case, then it is reflected in higher costs and the company’s failure to adhere to delivery dates. This is a clear indication that the network is not working at maximum capacity and that there are bottlenecks. Yet where do these bottlenecks occur exactly and just how high is the maximum capacity of the network? This is often difficult to pinpoint – if at all – using traditional planning methods because there are simply too many influencing factors and cross-dependencies in the system. This is why, when optimizing network planning, it makes no difference whether it is a worldwide production network or if the machines are in a local manufacturing hall.

Find out whether your business can benefit from optimized network planning. If the statements below are
often heard in your day-to-day business, then why not have a chat with us about it?

We are finding it increasingly difficult to observe the delivery dates for many orders and are losing money by having to pay contractual penalties.
Our production costs are too high but we don't know where to leverage efficiency.
We think that we will have to revise our planning in order to work more efficiently. However, we cannot foresee how these new decisions would affect our regular operations.

With mathematical optimization and prescriptive analytics to the optimal network down to the last branch.


Increase your network efficiency

With OPTANO you will not only learn how high the maximum performance of your network actually is, you can also optimize your planning so that you are guaranteed to get the maximum return at minimum cost. OPTANO calculates from millions and millions of combination possibilities the constellation which is the closest to your theoretical maximum based on your individual objectives.

Ensure your resources are evenly utilized

Thanks to OPTANO you can evenly utilize all of your available equipment and assign your employees efficiently. An algorithm customized to your company ensures that workload peaks are avoided and that your network can work steadily and efficiently.

Make strategic decisions with scenarios

OPTANO allows you to analyze the effects of your strategic decisions based on real time data with the help of what-if scenarios. Using Prescriptive Analytics as its base, the system provides you with targeted recommendations on how to achieve your defined goals.

Dr. Jens Peter Kempkes


When strategically planning an entire supply network, optimization software like OPTANO finds the best solution to any problem.

With OPTANO, you benefit from sophisticated technology at the highest level with easy integration into your systems.

OPTANO can be integrated flexibly into the existing IT landscape. The safety features use existing user directories (e.g. Active Directory or LDAP) to authenticate users and identify their permissions in OPTANO. In this way, user rights can be maintained and managed automatically. Alternatively, OPTANO comes with its own secure rights management tool.

Data exchange with existing applications is a matter of course. Virtually every OPTANO installation uses data from other systems or transfers planning results to other systems for automated processing. OPTANO gives you the flexibility to make this connection easily.

The first prototypes are available fast. This enables simplified data extraction and storage as well as an improvement in data quality. As a result, early data validation is feasible.

With OPTANO you have control over the entire process. Since OPTANO is a 100% in-house development, there is no need to consult with any third parties and your OPTANO solution can be customized to meet your requirements.

Whether it is specific workflows, user navigation or design – OPTANO can be customized to meet your specific requirements. Many features have been tailored to meet the needs of individual industries and are already available on the OPTANO platform. This is why OPTANO gives you the ideal combination of individuality together with proven features and processes.

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