Optimal planning for transformation
in the chemical industry

Change can unleash new opportunities.

New opportunities in the chemical industry

Market changes, new forms of technology and the demands of governments and society – the chemical industry is currently facing many challenges. The call for more sustainability is the driving force behind almost all of these changes. The switch from circular to linear value chains has turned the sector upside down and all areas of its business need to undergo analysis and change. 
Mathematical optimization provides you with a sound basis on which to make decisions regarding investments and strategic changes. Why not make use of the opportunities it provides?

With the right solutions and sophisticated mathematics changes in the chemical industry can unleash new opportunities.

production planning

OPTANO allows you to easily create plans for all of your production planning stages – even when changes occur at short notice – yet without losing sight of your other targets: machine utilization, delivery reliability and lead times all remain at an optimal level.

supply chain planning

Whether linear or circular value chains: with OPTANO you can get the very best out of your supply chains with regard to costs, your carbon footprint and resilience.

employee capacity planning

Employees are a valuable asset. When it comes to employee schedules it is vital that nothing is overlooked. With OPTANO your maintenance schedules and appointments with customers can be scheduled optimally – and much more besides.


Dr. Ingmar Steinzen


Mathematical optimization enables you to adapt your structures and processes - be they linear or circular.

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