The multitool for the optimization of structures and processes

The multitool for
the optimization of
structures and processes

Better planning results with the help of predictive and prescriptive analytics. We call it: The next level of planning.

Discover the potential of mathematical optimization!

The most outstanding feature of mathematical optimization is its flexibility. No matter for which area of business you want to find a solution, you will always get the optimal result by applying sophisticated methods.

With Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics accurate predictions can be made from existing data.  Prescriptive Analytics and what-if scenarios enable their operational implementation by providing specific recommendations for action.

Challenge us! Together we will take your planning to the next level.

The fact that processes are complex does not mean that they have to be solved in a complicated way. With mathematical optimization, the solution is often quite simple.

Mathematical optimization: at home in all industries!

Mathematical optimization can be applied in almost any sector where there are complex processes with many cross-dependencies.

Our optimization experts have extensive experience in many different sectors. Not only is this experience reflected in the high standard of our software; our clients also benefit as consulting always takes place at eye level.

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Dr. Dominik Hollmann


Mathematical optimization is the method of choice in order to sustainably optimize structures and processes.


You would like to learn more about OPTANO without any obligation? In our Cloud Demo we have prepared some common examples in order to demonstrate how optimization actually works. With the help of three use cases we show you how entire networks can be optimized (example: Offshore Windpark), how you can find the right location for warehouses or production facilities (example: facility planning) or how an optimal route can be planned (example: the Traveling Salesman Problem). Convince yourself of OPTANO’s capabilities and discover whether it is the best option for you.

Because sometimes only seeing is believing.



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