Market analysis and process planning with one single tool

The demands which consumer goods manufacturers are expected to meet are growing continuously.

Meeting all the demands

Constant new trends, consumers’ demands for more individualization, fast delivery and low prices, plus the optimal level of digitization and automization: the challenges involved in manufacturing consumer products are immense. At the same timethere are also problems in supplying raw materials or product components and the ecological profile also requires attention.
All of these changes and requirements can be managed effectively with mathematical optimization. Why not make use of the opportunities it offers?

Using mathematical optimization to know the demands of the market and stay ahead of it with intelligent solutions.

production planning

Production planning is the heart and soul of any company! Save time and money by optimizing your machine utilization, delivery reliability and lead times and plan how to make optimum use of all your resources quickly and easily.

supply chain planning

Whether your supply chain needs to be cost-efficient, regionally based or more resilient: with OPTANO you can optimize your supply chain precisely to meet your goals.

employee Capacity Planning

With OPTANO you can succeed in meeting your production requirements and the needs of your employees at the same time.


Dr. Ingmar Steinzen


With mathematical optimization you can identify  exactly what your customers want - not just now, but also in the future.

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