The platform for optimization systems
in planning


Optimizing efficiency across the entire value chain – from the raw materials to the end customer.

Advanced user-friendly
applications guarantee user acceptance – for both
desktop and web.



Optano enables fast implementation as well as the
integration and processing of bulk data.

Flexible scenarios give
planners a better basis on which to make decisions. A central repository enables teams to work together

What-if scenarios

OPTANO is the best platform on which to plan optimization in any industry fast and effectively

The OPTANO platform interface also functions as a web application and is characterized by its transparency and intuitiveness.

Every company has its own individual planning challenges. OPTANO enables you to solve problems and optimizes all of your business processes to achieve better performance and higher profitability – with highly efficient, integrated and intuitive software.

Working with OPTANO means getting the optimal result for any planning challenge


Dashboards and views for a fast overview

Dashboards which are easy to use and recognize ensure you have the optimal overview. Views are availabe as maps, sparklines, pivot charts, level charts and many other elements. High-quality maps visualize data with many interactive elements such as diagrams and relationships. The data is in context and easily connected via links.
Data tables

Fast and powerful data tables

The features sorting, grouping, filtering and conditional formatting as well as aggregate features are incorporated in all table views: almost like in Microsoft Excel®. However, OPTANO can also display more than one million datasets.

Applications inspired by Microsoft Office®

Our applications are similar to common Office applications so you will get used to them in no time.

Reporting and data analysis

Excel-like pivot charts and tables allow multi-dimensional data analysis and reporting in cross-table form. Furthermore the reporting module can be integrated seamlessly into the data model and the security system. It is also possible to export to pdf, xls, html, doc and many other formats.
Data exchange

Easy data exchange using Microsoft Excel®

Number formats, conditional formatting, groupings and filters are retained when exported. In addition, intelligent import enables you to overwrite bulk data without losing any relationships. Data can also be copied into the clipboard and used in Excel or in other applications.

Better planning FOR better performance

Good KPI targets should not be left to chance so they need to be included in your planning processes.

OPTANO gives you all the flexibility you need to map all relevant key figures and include them in the optimization processes. In this way, targets can be reached and you obtain a detailed evaluation of your planning KPIs.

Thanks to OPTANO your KPIs become an integral part of planning -don’t leave their attainment to chance!

Prescriptive Analytics is The driving force behind our solutions

Creating realistic plans for production and logistics while ensuring the optimum balance between conflicting goals is time-consuming and requires a lot of skill. Optimization technologies such as Prescriptive Analytics can support planners here. However, an application platform which is required to create the optimization application rapidly and flexibly is often not at hand. OPTANO closes this gap and uses excellent mathematical models behind a simple,
intuitive interface.

Prescriptive Analytics is the driving force behind all our OPTANO solutions. It enables you to achieve the best possible planning results in the shortest time possible.

Tangible proposals for action are better than forecasts

Even the best plans are worthless if it is not clear how they are to be implemented. This is why OPTANO planning solutions always provide specific recommendations on what action to take. OPTANO can transmit these re-commendations to other IT systems so they can even be implemented automatically.

Don’t just make do with forecasts – use OPTANO to implement sound decision-making recommendations!

Transparent decisions and processes

Essential knowledge of the planning process and all of its relevant details can be incorporated into OPTANO. This knowledge automatically flows into the planning and optimization processes in the form of parameters, goals, KPIs and factual connections in the interface. This makes decisions easier to understand!

This knowledge is available to all users at any time enabling them to make sound decisions without the need for a long training period.

co-operation is everything

OPTANO allows several planners to work together in a central repository – across different sites if necessary. The central availability of all the information and optimization methods makes planning processes transparent and easy to understand. Users can work together on scenarios or productive data without any interference or error potential. Work statuses are easy to identify, any changes can be viewed and compared. With OPTANO, cooperation is easy!


More scenarios lead to better decisions​

Investments in new machines, changes to the demand structure and order situation, bottlenecks or machine breakdowns can have a severe impact on production, logistics and services. Determining what the results will be and which measures will be effective is usually very complex.

OPTANO allows planners to create what-if analyses (scenarios) easily and without any technical restrictions. Scenarios contain all the relevant data for analysis and optimization. Just like a child playing in a sandbox, you can change data and test the options without the valuable productive data being affected in any way.

In the scenario comparison, the effects of the changes becomes clear immediately. This allows the analysis of countless options and gives the planner a better decision-making basis in order to meet his/her planning challenges. Of course, the best measure can be transferred to the productive data at the touch of a button.

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