Optimize all your logistic processes with a single tool


Unleash your savings potential by
optimally deploying all your operating

Benefit from the system’s sound recommendations for action to optimally achieve your targets.



Improve your carbon footprint by optimizing route planning and reducing the number of empty runs.

More efficiency and an improved carbon footprint for your entire logistic network.

Cost optimization and sustainability as logistics targets

Logistics is the lifeline of the economy. Without an
elaborate network of transport and storage options, business operations would quickly come to a standstill. Logistics providers or also businesses which purchase large amounts of goods or have to supply other companies are constantly confronted with the daily challenge of ensuring in-time delivery. At the same time they also have to keep costs as low as possible. In addition to this, companies are now paying more attention towards minimizing their own ecological footprints by reducing CO2 emissions as far as possible.

The sheer number of influencing factors as well as the high degree of cross-dependencies makes it difficult to plan manually with spreadsheets.

If you can relate to any of the following statements, then why not contact us to talk about how we can optimize your logistics planning together?

The order cycles are becoming increasingly shorter and this makes it virtually impossible to plan ahead.
As a company we would like to noticeably improve our carbon footprint. Until now our planning had always been focused on working as cost-efficiently as possible. We don't know how to map this new objective in our planning process.
The large trading platforms in particular have fragmented the market to a great extent. On the one hand we have more traders selling a wide range of products worldwide and on the other we have the end buyer who expects short delivery times. It is becoming increasingly difficult to utilize our trucks optimally.

Mathematical optimization helps to take into account a wide variety of objectives even when they seem to contradict each other.


Optimize all influencing factors simultaneously

With OPTANO you can optimize all efficiency-related factors which influence your planning simultaneously. Find the most favorable means of transport for any kind of goods, increase the capacity of each freight unit, lower the proportion of empty runs and reduce the travel distance. OPTANO finds the optimal solution from millions and millions of possibilities. In addition it comes up with the best ordering intervals and keeps your storage costs in focus.

Benefit from achieving your goals in an instant

Not only does OPTANO create optimal plans for your logistic planning in an instant but it also provides sound recommendations on how you can meet your goals by applying Prescriptive Analytics. You can be confident that your planning will be oriented towards your goals – no matter how often and how suddenly you have to reschedule.

Reduce your carbon footprint

By deploying OPTANO you can combine your economic and ecological goals. With the right choice of transport, improved capacity utilization, fewer empty runs and shorter travel distances, you not only lower your costs but also help to reduce CO2 emissions. You can decide where the priority should lie: whether the system calculates the most cost-efficient ecological alternative or whether the focus should be elsewhere.

Dr. Dominik Hollmann


There simply is not enough time to consider the huge number of possible alternatives. Mathematical optimization can solve complex problems within a fraction of the time required by humans.

With OPTANO, you benefit from sophisticated technology at the highest level with easy integration into your systems.

OPTANO can be integrated flexibly into the existing IT landscape. The safety features use existing user directories (e.g. Active Directory or LDAP) to authenticate users and identify their permissions in OPTANO. In this way, user rights can be maintained and managed automatically. Alternatively, OPTANO comes with its own secure rights management tool.

Data exchange with existing applications is a matter of course. Virtually every OPTANO installation uses data from other systems or transfers planning results to other systems for automated processing. OPTANO gives you the flexibility to make this connection easily.

The first prototypes are available fast. This enables simplified data extraction and storage as well as an improvement in data quality. As a result, early data validation is feasible.

With OPTANO you have control over the entire process. Since OPTANO is a 100% in-house development, there is no need to consult with any third parties and your OPTANO solution can be customized to meet your requirements.

Whether it is specific workflows, user navigation or design – OPTANO can be customized to meet your specific requirements. Many features have been tailored to meet the needs of individual industries and are already available on the OPTANO platform. This is why OPTANO gives you the ideal combination of individuality together with proven features and processes.

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