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comfortable using this API – right from day one.

Released under MIT license and under continuous
development for many years .

available free of charge


Commercial and free-of-charge support available

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OPTANO Modeling is the smart module of your software. It is the .NET API which enables mathematical programming in your software.

OPTANO Modeling, the .NET API for mathematical programming.

OPTANO Modeling is an API tailored for mathematical software programming which facilitates the translation of sophisticated mathematics into enterprise-ready software solutions. Its basis is the tried-and-tested .NET architecture which guarantees high functional reliability.

Unlike the OPTANO platform our API is available free-of-charge. Click here to download or obtain further information.

OPTANO Modeling is not only a powerful API which is easy to use, it also offers many more user benefits.

available free of charge

Using OPTANO Modeling is generally free-of-charge. The entire API was released under MIT license and can be used within this framework. OPTANO Modeling can, of course, also be purchased under a commercial license. Among others, this offers elements such as an
extensive guarantee and professional service. You decide!


We have designed OPTANO Modeling so that it only requires few system resources. With a low storage footprint it is literally just a thin layer between your software and the solver which integrates perfectly. In addition to the solver, no other components are needed that cannot be controlled from your software. The basis is the.NET Framework which comes with all
versions from Windows 7 onwards.

free choice of solver

OPTANO Modeling purposely supports many solvers. Projects can easily be started with free solvers such as GLPK or Z3. If more capacity is required during the course of the project, then commercial solvers such as Gurobi, CPLEX or Xpress are also available.
Solvers can be easily changed in OPTANO Modeling  at any time.

suited to the optano platform

The OPTANO platform provides the ideal environment in which to rapidly implement enterprise-ready client software. And although you can use OPTANO Modeling in any
environment quickly and easily, its full potential is best unleashed in combination with
the OPTANO platform.

Avoid development risks

With OPTANO Modeling, mathematical modeling is exactly as it should be: Create type-safe optimization models and enable thorough testing. Thanks to detailed versioning you can track any changes and keep up-to-date with data structures, business logic, surface code and the mathematical model. Use unit and integration tests to detect software errors and document code to create models. OPTANO Modeling will integrate into your processes – just like a part of your code.

from software developers for software developers

The API was created by software developers who have already built hundreds of optimiz-
ation applications. It reflects the requirements of software developers and in this respect differs from modeling systems which have been created for mathematicians. The API has been designed for easy use, is well documented and explained by examples.

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