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New offices! A new way of working?

Our decision to move to new premises was not just because we needed more office space – We also wanted to use this as an opportunity to improve!

Usability - when work flows

With OPTANO we have an eye on usability. Solving planning challenges should be easy - good usability can help.

Custom Heuristics vs Standard Solvers: Part III – The Best of Both Worlds

Best of Both Worlds – The combination of both solution procedures: Custom heuristics and mathematically precise procedures
Number 42

Custom Heuristics vs Standard-Solvers: Part II – Mathematical optimization procedures with a standard solver

Solving optimization problems with mathematically precise procedures and by deploying standard solvers
Many Travel Images Collage

Custom Heuristics vs Standard Solvers: Part I – Custom Heuristics

What is the right solution strategy for a specific problem? Custom heuristics are one option...
3d architectural model study of a town

OPTANO Database: Master data and scenario data

How is the "miniature world" of a database created? And why is it a good idea to distinguish between master data and scenario data?
evening traffic at airport

OPTANO Scheduler: Optimization on the server

Mathematical optimization on the server - solving Prescriptive Analytics models for the right performance and best scalability

The System Architecture of OPTANO

The system architecture of OPTANO offers a range of design options - with or without the application server?
Stock Turnover

Delivery profiles in OPTANO

Unused potential and synergies are lying dormant in the logistics world which can contribute towards cost-cutting. Delivery profiles are one example.

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