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Planning under uncertainty: How does it work?

Is planning under uncertainty manageable by means of robustness and flexibility? And just what do the Ancient Greeks have to do with it?
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The OPTANO Story - 360°OR Intelligence

The OPTANO Story continues: We have created an all-round package which ensures 360° OR-intelligence, helping to solve optimization problems.
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The OPTANO Story - how it all began...

OPTANO is our successful (platform) solution -finally enabling us to offer our customers all those cool features! This is how it all began.....
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Systems of Production Planning (Cos we dig 'em!)

When it comes to the topic of software systems for production planning, things can become confusing - one abbreviation after another. What does they all mean and how does they all connect?
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Pivot Charts - Simply powerful!!

Wirth pivot charts you can analyze large data tables fast and precisely - without having to change the original data. And it's much easier than you thought!
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User Management - The right software for every user

User management guarantees that every user gets the right information at the right time
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How our data import became as fast as a rocket....

A short test run proves it: the data import of the datasets already present in OPTANO is really fast
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What-if scenarios in production planning

Working with scenarios is like playing in a sandbox and simply trying things out
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Tables and charts: performing arts for your numbers

Data visualization - comprehending and analyzing data and connections more easily with the aid of various diagrams

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