Working from anywhere with OPTANO 7.0

Planning has just become even faster and more flexible

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User Experience

New UI-design for improved user-friendliness


Create customizable dashboards quickly and easily


Can be adapted to your software and corporate design

Cooperative work

Allows several people to work on scenarios at the same time

New Releases – new Features

Cooperative work easier than ever

With the release of OPTANO 7.0, cooperative work has become even easier. Thanks to the familiar web client, teams can work together regardless of location and benefit from the excellent performance and extensive features.

The revised rights management also facilitates teamwork. All members can access the system, while ensuring that everyone can only view or edit areas for which they have rights. Content can also be shared within the team with just a few clicks. For maximum transparency with maximum security.

Customization makes OPTANO fit your needs perfectly

From dashboards that users can customize to suit their needs, to the overall look and feel of the software. OPTANO can be easily adapted to the wishes and requirements of the users. This increases the acceptance of the software and simplifies introduction phases.

OPTANO 7.0 – planning has just become even faster and more flexible

More advanced – smarter – more intuitive

With OPTANO 7.0 we have expanded the application possibilities of our optimization software even further. The Web Client gives you fast and easy access to your projects. Simply enter the URL in the browser and you can get going immediately! This makes it really easy to work with OPTANO no matter where you are.

The Web Client, as a new OPTANO feature, is part of our tried-and-tested planning software: OPTANO provides innovative solutions, enabling businesses to plan faster, better and more easily. Thanks to mathematical optimization, we find the optimal solution to any problem. OPTANO supports you in your strategic decision-making processes by deploying Prescriptive Analytics. This means that you can consider various options in what-if scenarios and get specific recommendations for action.


OPTANO features

The look and feel of the web client is certainly not the only thing we have improved. User experience, user design, collaborative working, data visualization and customization are some of the features of the new OPTANO version. Learn more:

Even at first glance, it is clear that the look and feel has changed a lot compared to the rich client version. The design is modern, clearly arranged and functional, which noticeably improves the user experience.

The Web Client of the current OPTANO version allows quick and easy access. A local installation is not necessary. Simply enter the URL in the browser and get started. The system works smoothly on all current browsers.

In a nutshell: The new version of OPTANO
  • allows access to all your projects, no matter where you are
  • works smoothly on all current browsers
  • is absolutely user-friendly due to improved UI design

“A picture says more than a thousand words”. In other words, the visual share of communication is of major significance. With the integration of Microsoft Power BI and Tableau, OPTANO provides two effective visualization tools to graphically display information and data.

Elements such as diagrams, charts and maps as well as inter-active dashboards enable the user to visualize and analyze data fast and easily.

OPTANO includes all Power BI and Tableau features and thus enables an unlimited choice of visual analyses as well as the deployment and interaction on web and mobile devices.

Since the release of OPTANO 6.2, it has been possible to create customizable dashboards in the Web Client very quickly and easily – without any programming or additional licenses.

In a nutshell: The new version of OPTANO
  • offers an unlimited choice of visual anaylses using Microsoft Power BI and Tableau
  • allows you to create customizable dashboards – quickly and easily

Customization of the frontend generation code paves the way for incredibly exciting customization options – and is also fast and easy. The styles and stylesheets code is also highly customizable.

It is important that this all harmonizes with the software that is already in use in the company and that it blends in with the corporate design so that the user feels comfortable using OPTANO.

In a nutshell: The new version of OPTANO
  • is easily customizable thanks to adaptable code generation
  • offers a range of styles and stylesheets
  • feels familiar thanks to customization which blends in with Corporate Design

The use of the Web Client of the new OPTANO version eliminates the need for installation on a local workstation. This means more independence than when using the Rich Client.

It also facilitates simultaneous work on joint projects: Scenarios can be managed in the scenario manager and easily shared with colleagues via URL – even during ongoing optimizations.

The ability to lock scenarios when they are being used by a user ensures a smooth process when working cooperatively.

Sophisticated rights management makes teamwork even easier. All team members have access at all times to the data relevant to them – and only to them. Individually tailored.


In a nutshell: The new version of OPTANO
  • is accessible from any computer – no installation is necessary
  • lets you manage and share scenarios with other colleagues
  • lets you lock scenarios during use

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