The Client

Executive Summary

OPTANO GmbH has successfully developed and introduced an OPTANO solution for Daimler Trucks to optimize its global sales and production program in the Powertrain sector. Following a design phase (OR|Analysis) and the modeling of its IT system (OR|Model), the software could then be implemented precisely (OR|System). You can find more detailed information on this procedure here.

The client uses OPTANO for program planning:

  • Optimization of the global program schedule
  • Identifying and eliminating bottlenecks
  • Evaluating and comparing alternative scenarios
  • Reporting the results to an extended user group
  • Integrated tracking of the implementation of planning specifications by the production plants.

The project was implemented by OPTANO in close collaboration with the client and met all requirements with regards to quality, budget and the time schedule.

The Challenge

In conjunction with the project, the corporation’s planning process was extended to include global planning. The challenges here were:

  • Converting the existing planning process into a global one
  • The complexity of the global planning process with the aim to improve capacity, facilitate control and monitoring and to reduce the planning time in order to implement short-term modifications in the international supply chains
  • Implementation of multi-level planning with various goals; taking into account pre-defined decisions.

The Procedure

In close co-operation with the corporation’s project managers, OPTANO managed the specification, the development of the IT solution and  support during the introduction of the software in an agile process. The OR experts were responsible for the following:

  • Analyzing the actual situation, the available data sources and the requested costs
  •  Scheduling the target process
  • Displaying scheduling issues in data structures and algorithms
  • Creating the software architecture
  • Implementing the functions
  • Managing the agile development process
  • Training users
  • Introducing the system

The technology

The software was developed based on the OPTANO platform. Therefore, the solution could be implemented within a very short time:

  • Client-Server solution with multi-user support, a data warehouse and scenario administration
  •  Mainframe connection, e.g. for current stocks, in-transit stocks, demand forecast
  •  The integration of custom stability requirements, e.g. for overriding
  •  Optimization with hierarchical goals: meeting demands, driving the network robustly, especially adhering to requirements on minimum stocks, compiling cost-optimal plans
  •  Deployment of the OPTANO optimzation server, supported by the Gurobi solver
  • Visualization of results and reporting in order to communicate results to non-users.

The results

To  optimize the planning situation, OPTANO has introduced a versatile planning and optimization system. It comprises, among others, the following features:

  • Central Scenario Management and a comprehensive collaboration model for distributed teams
  • Data Warehouse processes to reduce the manual workload: data consolidation, storage and calculation/aggregation
  • Connection to client-specific SAP interfaces
  • The mathematical optimization of network planning with complex restrictions and multi-level optimization
  •  Extensive Excel connection with intelligent imports and exports
  •  Detailed visualization of planning results and their impacts
  • Extensive tracking of the actual implementation.

The OPTANO solution is deployed as a leading system for network planning.

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