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The solution for complex distribution networks

Distribution networks are complex and present retailers and producers with a variety of challenges. They must guarantee the availability of goods on omni-channel sales channels, deliver in the fastest possible time and operate at the lowest possible cost. This is no easy task in an established network with individual storage costs, picking speeds and capacities – especially if efficiency gains are not to be eaten up by excessively high transportation costs. If you also want to ensure that as little CO2 as possible is produced throughout the network, manual planning reaches its limits. With the OPTANO solution for distribution networks, you can master these challenges. OPTANO uses mathematical decision support and artificial intelligence to find the optimal allocation of requirements, storage locations and transportation options. This allows you to leverage hidden potential and permanently reduce your costs.
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Distribution networks are complex and cost-intensive. OPTANO helps you to master these challenges. OPTANO uses mathematical decision support and artificial intelligence to find the optimal allocation of requirements, storage locations and transportation options. This allows you to leverage hidden potential and permanently reduce your costs. Get in touch with us!

The OPTANO solution


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Data is the basis for every optimization process. With our intuitive data maintenance, you can ensure that your data is entered quickly and correctly. Our clear interface and wide range of interfaces make data entry quick and easy. Regardless of whether you use individual units of measurement or measured variables, all relevant factors can be taken into account. So you can be sure that your data is always up-to-date and accurate. This is the basis for optimal results in your optimization process.

Examples of input data

The analysis function of our software enables you to simulate the effects of changes on your network and thus find the optimum solution. The system determines where new warehouse locations and distribution centers are required to achieve delivery times. Thanks to prescriptive analytics, OPTANO makes concrete suggestions for locations and transportation hubs.

Examples of analysis information

What impact will it have on my distribution network if 90 percent of all orders are to be delivered the following day? Where would storage locations have to be created, where would new transport connections have to be established? With the help of OPTANO, such decisions can be simulated for the entire network. Thanks to prescriptive analytics, the system makes suggestions for locations and transportation hubs.

Factors in service level shaping

A digital representation of the entire distribution network is the basis for optimal goods distribution. It contains all relevant information, such as the capacities and picking times of the warehouses, the transport connections and the individual storage and transport costs. With the help of this information, goods can be distributed quickly and efficiently throughout the network. In the event of unforeseen events, such as priority orders or disruptions, the system can be rescheduled at any time. The planning quality is maintained.

Factors in the distribution network

Planning the “last mile” in particular is very challenging. Many influencing factors make the planning detailed and complicated. By choosing the optimal means of transport, the optimal routes and the optimal utilization of vehicles, you can achieve significant efficiency gains in terms of costs and CO2.

Factors in distribution planning

Professionally prepared reports are the basis for good decisions. They help you to understand information quickly and easily and to share it with others. OPTANO offers you the option of creating individual reports with different levels of abstraction. You can filter, aggregate and visualize the data from your OPTANO model according to your needs. The reports can be transferred to Excel, Power BI or Tableau via an interface. This allows you to process the data in your familiar environment and share it with others.

Examples of reporting

Reduction of operating costs across locations.

Systematic margin increase across the portfolio

Increase in customer satisfaction through optimal availability of goods

Reduction of CO2 emissions with simultaneous cost efficiency

Transparency in
the entire network

Simple and intuitive operation

investment decisions

More resilience
in the overall network

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