OPTANO 5 – Now even more transparent!

OPTANO is now available in the new version 5. There’s been a lot of change! Learn more about the new features.

Book recommendation: The goal

Knowledge is there to be shared. That’s why we’d like to share the treasures from our library with you. Make sure you don’t miss out! Today: The Goal

Christmas greetings

The OPTANO team wishes you a happy holiday season and a happy new year.

A warm welcome to our new colleagues #2

We are growing! Our new colleagues introduce themselves in a snapshot. Have fun getting to know them.

Release OPTANO Modeling 3.1

New Features and Developments in the API

OPTANO supports local charity

Charity organization receives a donation from OPTANO

Pitch Club Developer Edition in review

Pitch Club Developer Edition #29 – Das OPTANO Team freut sich über das Interesse zukünftiger Mitarbeiter

OPTANO Blog – A warm welcome to our new colleagues

The OPTANO team is expanding: Get to know our new colleagues here!

Pitch Club Developer Edition #40, Bielefeld

Meet and greet the OPTANO team at the Pitch Club Developer Edition #40

A warm welcome to our new colleagues!

This time we are introducing our new colleagues in a slightly different way: #TetrisChallenge. Have fun getting to know them.