OPTANO is the best platform for rapid, high-quality planning

Every company has its own individual planning challenges. OPTANO solves all planning challenges and optimizes all business processes. Its purpose? To attain improved performance and higher profitability – using a powerful, intuitive software.


Flexible scenarios give planners a better basis for decision-making. A central repository ensures optimal cooperation between teams.


Sophisticated optimization models create more intelligent plans with a more efficient use of resources.


Modern, easy-to-operate applications guarantee acceptance by the users – for desktop and Web.


OPTANO ensures rapid implementation and the integration and processing of mass data.

For decision-makers

OPTANO means achieving the best possible result

Better planning means better performance

If you don’t want to leave the achievement of your KPI targets to chance, you have to include them in planning.

OPTANO gives you the flexibility you need to map all relevant key figures and include them in optimization. The targets are thus achieved in the best possible way, and a detailed evaluation of the planning KPIs is issued.

OPTANO makes the key figures an integral part of planning. Don’t leave the achievement of your key figures to chance!

Prescriptive Analytics is the driver of our solutions

Compiling realistic plans for production and logistics with the best possible balance between competing targets is time-consuming and requires a lot of experience. Optimization technologies (Prescriptive Analytics) can assist planners here. However, there is often no application platform for creating the necessary optimization application rapidly and flexibly. OPTANO closes this gap and uses excellent mathematical models behind a simple, intuitive interface.

Prescriptive Analytics is the driver of all OPTANO solutions. It enables you to achieve the best possible planning result in the shortest possible time.

Specific proposals for action are better than forecasts

Even the best plans are worthless if it is not quite clear how they are to be implemented. This is why OPTANO planning solutions always provide  specific recommendations for what has to be done. OPTANO can transmit these recommendations to other IT systems, so they can even be implemented automatically.

Don’t make do with forecasts – use OPTANO to define specific decision proposals!

For planning managers

Cooperation and stable processes

Transparent decisions and processes

You can anchor essential knowledge of the planning process and the details in OPTANO. This knowledge automatically flows into the planning and optimization processes in the form of basic conditions, targets, key figures and factual connections in the interface. This makes decisions easier to understand!

This knowledge is available to all users at all times: users can make good decisions without the need for a long training period.

Cooperation is everything

OPTANO allows several planners to cooperate in a central repository – across different sites if necessary. The central availability of all information and optimization methods makes planning processes transparent and easy to understand. Users can work together on scenarios or productive data without restriction or potential for error. Work progress is displayed clearly and changes are easy to understand and compare. OPTANO makes cooperation easy.

More scenarios lead to better decisions

Investments in new machines, changes to the demand structure and the order situation, capacity bottlenecks or machine defects have serious effects on production, logistics and services. Determining what the results will be and which measures will be effective is usually very complex.

OPTANO allows planners to draw up what-if analyses (scenarios) easily and with no technical restrictions. Scenarios contain all data relevant for the analysis and optimization of relevant data. Just like in a sandbox, you can change data and test options without affecting the valuable productive data.

The comparison of scenarios makes the effects of the changes immediately clear. This allows the analysis of countless options and gives the planner a better basis for decision-making to meet his planning challenges. Of course, the best measure can be  assumed in the productive data at the touch of a button.

Every change is saved and can be tracked

OPTANO provides each data change with a time stamp, a change value and – on request – a commentary. This integrated change tracking allows all decisions and the data on which they are based to be tracked without interruptions. The resulting history of all data is easy to use.

For planners

The right tool for every planner

Intuitive applications

  • Rapid, powerful data tables

    The sorting, grouping, filtering and conditional formatting functions as well as aggregate functions are integrated into all table views: it is almost like in Microsoft Excel®. OPTANO can handle displaying more than one million data records.

  • Microsoft Office® inspired applications

    Our applications work in a similar way to typical Office applications. You will soon know your way around!

  • Customization down to the smallest detail

    All tables can be completely configured by the user – for example by using conditional formatting and column selection.

Exchanging data with Microsoft Excel® could not be easier

  • Complete export

    Number formats, conditional formatting, groupings and filters are not lost during export.

  • Intelligent import

    The intelligent import mechanism allows you to overwrite mass data without losing relations.

  • Cut-and-paste and copy-and-paste

    Data can be copied to the clipboard and used in Excel or other applications.

Reporting and data analysis

  • Pivot tables and charts

    Excel-like pivot tables and charts allow multidimensional data analyses and cross-tab reports

  • Reports the way you need them

    The reporting module is smoothly integrated into the data model and the security system

  • Wide range of export formats

    Export is possible as pdf, xls, html, doc and many other formats

Views which are as individual as planning itself

  • Interactive visualization on maps

    High-quality maps visualize the data using numerous interactive elements such as diagrams and relations.

  • Links between views

    Data is displayed in context and can easily  be connected using links.

  • Customized views

    Customizable views allow data to be displayed  as required by the planner. OPTANO knows (almost) no limits.

Insightful dashboards and scenario comparisons

  • Flexible and interactive dashboards

    Create insightful and comprehensive decision support systems for executives and business users.

  • Variety of interface elements available

    Shapefile maps, calculated fields, pivot tables, charts / sparklines, gauges and many more.

  • Use dashboards for scenario comparison

    To compare scenarios conveniently, dashboards can be shown side-by-side.

For IT managers

We focus on lean architecture and data integration

Simplicity is in the nature of OPTANO

  • Client-server architecture

    OPTANO provides all the advantages of a client-server architecture with a central database and an (optional) optimization server.

  • Portable

    The client is ready to run with no installation. You can start at once!

  • Easy update

    There are integrated functions for the easy deployment and updating of the clients.

  • Locatable

    OPTANO is completely locatable, including all individual functions.

Well embedded

OPTANO can be flexibly integrated into the existing IT environment. The security functions utilize existing user directories (such as Active Directory or LDAP) to authenticate users and identify their rights in OPTANO. This allows rights to be maintained and managed automatically. Alternatively, OPTANO offers a secure rights management system of its own.

Data exchange with existing applications is a matter of course. Virtually all OPTANO installations use data from other systems or send planning results on to other systems for automated processing. OPTANO provides the flexibility to keep this connection simple.

You can take it easy for once! Just let OPTANO convince you of its merits.

Operating models from stand-alone to cloud

OPTANO allows a flexible choice of operating model:

  • Planner Edition: client, database and optimization run on one computer.
  • Workgroup Edition: client and optimization run on one computer and communicate with a central database.
  • Enterprise Edition: client, database and optimization server run separately for optimal scalability.
  • Cloud Edition: everything runs in the cloud – all you need is a browser with Internet access.

For consultants

Optimization technology for consulting projects

Rapid Optimization Results with OPTANO

OPTANO is a functional, easy-to-use optimization software with a short „time-to-market” and is the ideal solution for your consulting projects. Your customers will be impressed with how quickly you present your first optimization results. As a consultant, you don’t need any programming skills and, of course, our experts are always at hand to answer any questions you may have about implementing OPTANO.

Success factors for the rapid development of reliable optimization software

  • Fast productivity with rapid prototyping

    The first prototypes are available fast and this makes it easier to collect and store data as well as enhance data quality. The result: timely validated data.

  • OPTANO – robust and flexible

    OPTANO’s technology is robust and flexible. This means that prototypes are extendable. Non-functional requirements can already be included in the first prototypes, thus saving you any extra work at a later date.

  • A higher degree of acceptance and enthusiasm among customers

    OPTANO allows an agile co-operation between users and consultants. Impress your customers with rapid initial optimization results!

Focus on the essentials!

OPTANO allows you to implement data and optimization models fast – in a fully operational application with a database backend. In short: You can focus on your data modeling and needn’t worry about time-consuming software development.