Grey Box Optimization

ZIM funding for the Graybox Optimization development project

Cooperation project between Bielefeld University and ORCONOMY GmbH awarded funding

The Zentrale Innovationsprogramm Mittlestand (ZIM) is a funding program which is open to all technologies and sectors in Germany.  ZIM helps creative businesses to implement innovative ideas which have good market opportunities so that they can contribute to competitiveness and growth.

ORCONOMY GmbH is currently cooperating with Bielefeld University to implement a project funded by ZIM on “The development of a software product with real-time tuning by Graybox optimizers so that production and logistic planning systems can adapt to the rapidly changing constraints in production.”

The development project focuses on the parameter configuration of standard algorithms in production and logistic planning systems. Today, planning software is widely deployed in logistics and production, the core of which is the mathematical optimization of a valuation function (e.g. unit costs, throughput, etc.). By deploying this software, the industry often increases efficiency by 20-30%. Yet, there is the risk of losing these productivity benefits if the parameters of the standard algorithms deployed are configured sub-optimally as these require far more computing time than well-configured algorithms.

The aim of the development project is the “graybox optimization” that enables production planning and control algorithms to be automatically adapted to rapidly changing problems – and at low computing costs –  in order to take complete advantage of the productivity benefts achieved by deploying production and logistic planning systems.


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