Working from home made safe and easy

New VPN connection with multi- factor authentication for the OPTANO Team


Whether its the living room at home or on a shady veranda to escape the heatwave – most of the OPTANO team appreciate the opportunity to work from home as it allows them to organize their work-life balance perfectly. A few employees even estimate that they work up to 80% from home and thus avoid a long commute into the office. For our under-graduate assistants, teleworking offers the advantage that they can access their VMs in between lectures instead of traveling back and forth from the university to ORCONOMY.

For a few weeks now, the OPTANO Team has been using a new, even more secure connection for teleworking activities. Access to the internal network at ORCONOMY is protected by a new VPN which has multi factor authentication. That means that all employees access internal network services by logging into them via an app or another appliance. This makes it more difficult for unauthorized persons to gain access because not only do they need to get hold of the employee’s password but also the appliance (e.g. mobile phone) they use. Most employees have their own personal VM which they can access from anywhere. Developers can get development tools, for example so that they can develop no matter where they are.

Do you also value flexible working hours and the opportunity to work from home? We offer these and much more! If you want to learn more, why not take a look at our Career page? Maybe there’s something for you in our current vacancies. And if the right job isn’t there for you at the moment, we would still be glad to receive your unsolicited application.

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