OPTANO Architect –  a spin-off of the OPTANO Story

The OPTANO Story continues! Today, we are starting with the story of OPTANO Architect. Let’s call it a spin-off. We know the situation from TV series or movies: We take a fairly unknown supporting actor from the OPTANO Story and make him the main actor of our new series: OPTANO Architect.

The OPTANO Story – the story so far…

To bring those of you up-to-date who have only just joined our story, here is a brief summary of the OPTANO Story and the main actors of the OPTANO platform (for more details, we recommend that you read our blog entries The OPTANO Story – how it all began… and The OPTANO Story – 360° OR intelligence.  

OPTANO is our platform for optimization systems in planning on which we base customized requirements. It includes all the features and options which we have identified as being necessary or nice-to-have in the course of customers’ projects.

Everything fits: 360° OR intelligence

OPTANO‘s five components of 360° OR-intelligence operate together smoothly and efficiently ensuring that the platform runs like clockwork and can convince the user of its advantages.

The OPTANO platform

  • is reliable and performant
  •  can be implemented rapidly
  • is flexible and extendable

Alongside the advantages, the challenges that the versatility of this platform brings must be clearly emphasized. Knowledge in software development as well as in the software development environment is a clear pre-requisite for implementing customized requirements with OPTANO. In addition, knowledge of the .NET language is an absolute must for performing development work with the technology platform.

To sum up: the OPTANO technology platform facilitates the development of optimization software considerably but consultants with no development background tend to reach their limits.

OPTANO Architect goes one step further…

Enter OPTANO Architect

OPTANO Architect is an application which enables the  easy and rapid implementation of individual customer requirements and individual solutions. The good news is that you don’t need any prior knowledge in software development.

OPTANO Architect is one of the five components of 360° OR-intelligence which is based on OPTANO’s platform technology and was compiled as an application by configuring existing source codes. As a result, OPTANO Architect can access all the OPTANO platform’s capabilities and  benefit from its flexibility.

However, should development be necessary with OPTANO Architect (e.g. on the basis of individual customer requirements), you can use all the features available in OPTANO and many of your own can be incorporated, too. The custom code and the code that is automatically generated by OPTANO remain separate from one another. This means that any subsequent changes in OPTANO Architect can be included automatically in the project and only little extra work is required.

OPTANO Architect – for rapid development & rapid results

OPTANO Architect is absolutely convincing in its role as optimization software with short “time-to-market”. Prototypes are available fast  which means that initial optimization results can be presented early on. For example, consultants can impress and convince their customers with it at a workshop. And all this is possible without any time-consuming software so that the focus lies entirely on data modeling – the essential ingredient of consulting tasks.

In part two of our story we focus on the workflow of OPTANO Architect.

OPTANO Architect – available as a demo version free of charge

If you don’t want to wait that long, then why not request a demo version of OPTANO Architect? You’ll be impressed when you see what it can offer you! –

Request for OPTANO Architect demo version

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