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The OPTANO Story continues…

A truly good story certainly cannot end after part one. You want to know how it continues and where it will all lead to. We have already told you part one of the OPTANO Story in our blog entry The OPTANO Story – how it all began and, in contrast to many other stories, we don’t want several years to elapse before it continues because a great deal has happened since the OPTANO Story first began – our idea of a platform has become so much more than we originally thought possible.

We believed that a mere platform just wasn’t enough. OPTANO offered so much more potential – potential that we simply couldn’t leave untouched. And so we have created an all-round service package for optimization problems  with a perfect configuration and which ensures 360⁰-OR intelligence. Five components now guarantee that OPTANO runs smoothly and caters to all your wishes.

360°-OR intelligence

 We want to take a closer look at these five components as they are an integral part of our OPTANO Story. The following chapters will focus on these and one or the other might even contain enough for a spin-off. But first of all, let us look at current developments:

Prescriptive Analytics – our method behind optimization.

OPTANO uses mathematical optimization technology (Prescriptive Analytics) to solve problems. These scientifically-based methods ensure that the very best solution is found. And because only highly efficient algorithms and libraries are used in OPTANO, we can solve even complex mathematical models within a very short time. This allows current data to be processed so that ideal planning decisions can be made rapidly and at short notice. In addition to this, we can also incorporate competing goals into the models and weigh them up against one another. In this way, the  very best solutions can be calculated or the best possible compromises between conflicting goals can be presented.

OR experts – the minds behind OPTANO.

We – our team –  are a valuable part of OPTANO. We are specialists in the fields of  IT, mathematics, economics and other related disciplines. We have already invested 15 years’ worth of our entire expertise and practical experience into OPTANO. In addition, we also dispose of extensive industrial know-how to help solve specific planning problems.

Usability –  you needn’t be an expert to use OPTANO.

For us, usability is a valuable aspect when planning and implementing software because even the best functions are ineffective if the user cannot find them or fails to understand how they can be deployed. All too often, software falls short of its potential when it is put into practice because the user doesn’t know the functions or using them is so complicated that he finds other alternatives or another software to achieve his goals. This is why we have placed great value on usability in OPTANO and developed an intelligent usability concept. We have designed an intuitive user interface so that new users can also find their away around quickly.

Because comprehending and evaluating complex data is often a time-consuming business, results in many areas are presented in OPTANO visually in order to identify problems rapidly and to be able to detect relevant dependencies. In this way, the user can compile, compare and evaluate them faster  Data can, of course, also be imported in bulk; meaning that existent data can continue to be used and  checked reliably and easily with our validation facilities.

Architect – special – individual – flexible

Naturally we are aware that we haven’t invented the ultimate all-purpose solution to meet everybody’s needs. This is why we have designed OPTANO in such a way that it is quite easy for it to be adapted to specific requirements. This refers to specific data formats just as much as to individual processes which we can easily incorporate and present. Extending and implementing special requirements can be done fast and at minimal cost. OPTANO conforms to its users – not vice versa.

Blueprints – Setting standards for every requirement

Not every requirement is individual and  special, though. For these general requirements we have developed blueprints which can be utilized immediately by means of existent data and optimization models and visualization tools. Finished products are already available for production planning as well as network planning which have pre-assembled all the important data models and visual implementations for specific use. Of course, these products can also still be adapted and specialized. However, it is certainly far easier and quicker than having to start from the very beginning.

To be continued…

Our OPTANO story is far from over! We still have an endless amount of ideas and right now we are about to put one or two exciting ones into practice. We don’t want to reveal any details just yet – we wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise. We can say this much, however: OPTANO will become far more individual and far more flexible! Watch out for more in Part 3 of the OPTANO Story: coming soon!



Autorin: Sabrina Geismann

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