Team OPTANO takes part in City Cycling campaign

ORCONOMY employees cycle 21 days for climate protection

Several ORCONOMY employees recently got on their bikes and cycled in and around Paderborn for a total of 21 days as part of the German-wide City Cycling campaign for climate protection.

City Cycling is a competition organized by the Climate Alliance. The goal of City Cycling is to encourage people to use their bicycles more and thus improve the climate and quality of life in our cities and municipalities. The competition is open to anybody – school classes and clubs or companies and organizations can form their own teams. The kilometres that the cyclists have ridden are then entered into the so-called Online Cycling Calendar. Here, the cyclists’ kilometres are added up and the amount of CO2 emissions which have been reduced by cycling are also shown.

A few of our ORCONOMY colleagues didn’t want to miss out on their chance to take part. Therefore, they formed the “Team OPTANO” and for 21 days (May 12 – June 1 2019) they used their bikes – not just to commute to work but also to cover routes in Paderborn and the surrounding district which they probably would have taken by public transport or in their car otherwise.

Team OPTANO can be proud of its results: the team cycled a total of 1.312km, thus reducing the Co2 values by 186.3kg and ranked 38th  out of a total of 135 teams – that’s not bad at all! Fun was had by everybody in the team and those who don’t use their bikes regularly also remarked on how good they felt health-wise.

An ORCONOMY employee at the photo shoot

Quite a lot of our employees at ORCONOMY cycle to work. All in all, ORCONOMY aims to be more environmentally aware. We try to hold video conferences when we have client meetings and only go on business trips or visit clients when it is necessary and even then we go by train. We also offer the opportunity to work from home which not only contributes to climate protection but also to an ideal work-life balance.

If you want to learn more about City Cycling and how to participate, read more here

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