OPTANO 5 – Now even more transparent!

OPTANO is now available in the new version 5. There’s been a lot of change! Learn more about the new features.


ORCONOMY is now called OPTANO. In recent weeks we have often been asked: But why? A fun tale about the reasons for our new name.

OPTANO Database: Master data and scenario data

How is the “miniature world” of a database created? And why is it a good idea to distinguish between master data and scenario data?

The System Architecture of OPTANO

The system architecture of OPTANO offers a range of design options – with or without the application server?

OPTANO Logistics – Part I

Which decisions does a logistics provider have to make? What are the 7+Rs? And what does the building of the pyramids in Egypt have to do with it all?

OPTANO SAP connection

For an ideal IT network, the digital threads have to be spun properly – thus enabling an optimal SAP connection.

Rich client or web application …

Rich client or web-based solution? Every technology has its pros and cons and therefore its legitimate existence. But perhaps there is also another way…

The OPTANO Story – OPTANO Architect – Part I

The OPTANO Story continues: OPTANO Architect, one of the five components of 360° OR- intelligence, is now in the spotlight and all eyes are upon it.