A day with Dominik: IT Administrator at OPTANO

What is a typical working day at OPTANO? In our series „A Day with…“ we spend a day looking over a colleague’s shoulder. Today, we are with Dominik.

Behind the scenes: An interview with OPTANO’s Head of IT

Today is „System Administrator Appreciation Day”. To mark the occasion, we interviewed OPTANO’s Head of IT, Dominik Vahle.

Mastering algorithms – the story behind the gray box

In an interview, Robin Kemminer tells us about his work on the Graybox optimization project and why he enjoys working at OPTANO …

More efficient transport of returnable containers

A successful pilot project between VW Group Logistics and OPTANO

OPTANO 6.0 with Web Client – behind the scenes

OPTANO 6.0 with the brand new Web Client is due for release soon. We talked about this in an interview with the developers and got some very interesting answers.

Green Logistics: Trends for Green Logistics

Prescriptive Analytics and the Internet of Things as future trends which make logistics greener today.

Can algorithm runtimes be predicted?

Are computer learning methods suitable for predicting the runtime of optimization algorithms?

OPTANO Algorithm Tuner – An interview with the developers

The OPTANO Algorithm Tuner has been launched and is available free of charge! Find out what it can do and who can benefit from it in an interview with the developers.

Ready to exit the Corona shutdown?

The impact of the Corona virus means that businesses have to make important decisions. Now is the time to prepare for the post-Corona period.

A day with Sven: OR Consultant at OPTANO

Ever asked yourself what an OR consultant does all day? In our new series “A day with…”, we accompany an OPTANO employee during his daily work.Today we’ve been invited to look over Sven’s shoulder while he’s at work.