Rebranding: ORCONOMY GmbH becomes OPTANO GmbH

We have changed. But then again, we haven’t.

After 10 successful years, our OPTANO product has become an essential component of our business expertise. With ORCONOMY GmbH we brought our optimization platform to life, we continued to develop it and allowed it to evolve in numerous projects. Today, the company and its product are so closely intertwined that we have decided to share this with the outside world. On 1st September 2019 we officially rebranded and now go under the name that resonates with our clients – OPTANO!

In order to continue building upon our expertise and to cater for the stwady growth our company is experiencing, we have also moved into new premises. As of now, our address is no longer ORCONOMY GmbH , Technologiepark 19, 33100 Paderborn but OPTANO GmbH, Technologiepark 18, 33100 Paderborn. Here, a new OPTANO era is about to begin – a fascinating time of digitalization and change in which to implement our projects.

Despite rebranding, nothing has actually changed, neither for us nor our clients. Apart from the fact that we are continuing to grow and that we will be moving even closer towards our clients’ goals and requirements. In this spirit, join us in celebrating 10 years of OPTANO!


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