Pitch Club Developer Edition

Meet your future employer at the Pitch Club Developer Edition #37

Meet and greet the OPTANO team

Are you a software developer or IT-professional and looking for a new challenge?

The Pitch Club Developer Edition #37 is being held at Dortmund’s “ Daddy Blatzheim” on October 30th and is your chance to get to know the OPTANO Team as a potential employer. At the Live Pitches we will literally climb into the ring on stage alongside other companies to pitch our jobs and projects to software developers. After this, you can network with us and talk about the options available with us in one- on- one conversations in a casual after-work atmosphere.  At some point in the evening, the Pitch Club Developer Edition will then proceed to host its legendary after-work party where cool drinks and groovy beats set the tone for the rest of the night. In other words, what better way to get to know the OPTANO team?

Interested? You can apply to attend PCDE #37 in Dortmund here: https://pcde.io/

You can’t be there on October 30th? No worries! OPTANO will also be pitching at PCDE #40 in Bielefeld’ “Max Raebel” on November 27th 2019 if you want to come along or why not check out our current vacancies on our homepage?

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