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Optimize complex production networks with the help of our powerful and sophisticated software solution.

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The management of complex production networks is demanding

The management of complex production networks is demanding. Often, the necessary transparency is lacking to coordinate demand and production capacities in such a way that delivery reliability and production costs are in an optimal relationship. Other factors also play a role: not every manufacturing site can produce the same quantity of a product in the same quality at the same prices. Added to this are transport costs, which can quickly skyrocket to the detriment of margins. Another influencing factor is the goal of companies to keep CO2 emissions as low as possible.

So how can a production network be optimized as a whole to ensure efficiency, delivery reliability and sustainability? This is possible with the OPTANO solution for complex production networks. With the help of mathematical decision support and artificial intelligence in user-friendly software, you can identify and leverage hidden potential in production and transport for the sustainable value development of your company. Contact us!

The OPTANO solution

Reduction of operating costs across locations.

Systematic margin increase across the portfolio

Increase in customer satisfaction through optimal availability of goods

Reduction of CO2 emissions with simultaneous cost efficiency

Transparency in the entire network

Simple and intuitive operation

Subsequent investment decisions

More resilience in the overall network

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