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OPTANO Modeling: 10,000 downloads

 NuGet Package still a success

The success of OPTANO Modeling continues! The statistics speak for themselves: Ever since it was released on in November 2016, the OPTANO Modeling system has been downloaded 10,000 times so far and approx. 70 projects have been updated to the current version 3.0 within just a few days of its release.

The OPTANO Team is also glad to observe lively use of its OPTANO Modeling forum. It now has over 200 entries from users who require technical support or wish to have a new feature. We take users‘ questions and their feedback seriously as they contribute immensely to the further development of OPTANO Modeling and thus help us make the system even better.

If you would like to learn more about OPTANO Modeling, go to our OPTANO homepage:

If you would like to view or download our latest version 3.0 with all the latest improvements and changes, go to:

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