OPTANO 6.0: Web Client

Planning has just become even faster and more flexible
– OPTANO Web Client

OPTANO Web Client – planning has just become even faster and more flexible

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More advanced – smarter – more intuitive

With the OPTANO Web Client we have expanded the application possibilities of our optimization software even further. The Web Client gives you fast and easy access to your projects. Simply enter the URL in the browser and you can get going immediately! This makes it really easy to work with OPTANO no matter where you are.

The Web Client, as a new OPTANO feature, is part of our tried-and-tested planning software: OPTANO provides innovative solutions, enabling businesses to plan faster, better and more easily. Thanks to mathematical optimization, we find the optimal solution to any problem. OPTANO supports you in your strategic decision-making processes by deploying Prescriptive Analytics. This means that you can consider various options in what-if scenarios and get specfiic recommendations for action.

The OPTANO Web Client features

The release of OPTANO 6.0 also has plenty new features to offer. We haven’t just improved the look and feel. User experience, user design, data visualization  and data security are among the new features in the OPTANO Web Client. Learn more:

Improved user experience

It’s clear at first sight: there’s something different about the look and feel of OPTANO. In its appearance as a dark theme, the new UI design of the WebClient is very modern. Transparency and functionality considerably enhance the user experience.

The Web Client enables fast and easy access. It’s no longer necessary to install anything. And what about user rights in the target system? That’s a thing of the past… simply enter the URL in the browser and make a start. The OPTANO Web Client works smoothly on all current browsers.

The customizable code generation enables incredibly exciting customization possibilities so our OPTANO developers can quite easily install views that have been developed especially for clients. The structure can also be changed quickly.

In a nutshell: OPTANO Web Client

  • lets you access all your projects, no matter where you are
  • works smoothly on all current browsers
  • is absolutely user-friendly thanks to its improved UI design
  • is easily customizable thanks to customizable code generation

Cooperative working

Using the Web Client means that installation on a local workstation is superfluous. This gives you more independence than you would have when using the Rich Client.

What’s more, it facilitates parallel work on joint projects: scenarios can be managed in the Scenario Manager and can easily be shared with other colleagues via URL – even during running optimizations.

It is also possible to lock a scenario if a user is working on it. This ensures that cooperative working runs smoothly.

In a nutshell: OPTANO Web Client

  • is accessible from any computer – no installation is necessary
  • lets you manage and share scenarios with other colleagues
  • lets you lock scenarios during use

Data visualization

“A picture says more than a thousand words”. This saying demonstrates that the visual share of communication is of enormous significance. With the integration of Microsoft Power BI and Tableau, the OPTANO Web Client provides two effective visualization tools to graphically display information and data.

Visual elements such as diagrams, charts and maps as well as inter-active  dashboards enable fast and easy data visualization and analysis

The OPTANO Web Client includes all Power BI and Tableau functions and thus enables an unlimited choice of visual analyses as well as the provision and interaction in web and mobile devices.

In a nutshell: OPTANO Web Client

  • offers an unlimited choice of visual analyses using Microsoft Power BI and Tableau
  • includes all Power BI and Tableau functions

Improved architecture to display large amounts of data

A lot of data at a glance: While developing the Web Client we also focused on improving the architecture with regard to visualizing large data volumes. The OPTANO Web Client can display a very large volume of data all at once. Among others, this means that tasks such as sorting and filtering are performed directly in the database.

In a nutshell: OPTANO Web Client

  • displays large volumes of data all at once
  • performs various tasks directly in the database

Data security

Your data is important to us. That is why it is only natural that we deploy the most advanced security technology. In this way, we protect your data from loss or unauthorized access – always.

In a nutshell: OPTANO Web Client

  • deploys the most advanced security technology
  • protects your data from loss and unauthorized access

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The OPTANO Web Client in motion

Missed a film? Here’s a short overview of  all the OPTANO Web Client features.
Just 40 seconds (per film) and you can learn more about the new OPTANOWeb Client features:

User Experience

Cooperative Work

Data visualization

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