We have not only been working on transparency in OPTANO, but also on the aspect of usability. The result: some really great features. These features make working with OPTANO even easier, more intuitive and, above all, faster.

Fast navigation – the QuickLaunch

The more data and views you use, the more complex it can be and you can quickly lose track of things. In order to navigate between views, we have installed a new search feature in the OPTANO menu bar where the user can search for the names of views or field names and then simply open them. A  list will display the positions of the word that has been entered (see opposite). In this way it is possible to find a word or term even if you don’t know its exact name. Also, if you don’t quite know in which view the value for a network route has been defined, then no problem: simply enter it into QuickLaunch and open the view you’ve been looking for.

If you’re a friend of shortcuts: Strg-Q positions the cursor directly in the search field.

Our new comfort features

We have solved many of the existing features far more comfortably with the current version of OPTANO.

Easy to find

In each table view the search field is now permanently displayed to enable the user to search through the data sets without having to open an extra search feature.  The shortcut Strg-F still functions  and positions the cursor in the search field. Just enter it and find what you’re looking for!

Automatic closing

Many of our users do most of their work using a keyboard. In order to support this workflow further, Strg- W closes the tab that has been selected by using a shortcut.

Fast Copying

We have tuned the copy/duplicate feature of scenarios. Previously,  this could lead to annoying waiting times for very extensive scenarios with a great amount of data. As of now this feature performs very quickly and the user can start with the new scenario immediately.

 Working comfortably

We have fine-tuned many of the features right the way through OPTANO and made it more convenient for the user. This applies to filter features and rules, exporting pivot charts and conditional formatting.

Our Shortcuts

Shortcuts are an essential component of many users’ workflows. This is why we have listed all of our OPTANO shortcuts here. Perhaps there are one or two that you weren’t aware of.

In each view

Strg – QQuickLaunch
Strg – FSearch window
F5Reload view
Strg – DDuplicate
Strg – DeleteDelete
Strg – WClose tab

In the Scenario Manager

Strg – UUnlock scenario
Strg – Umschalt – WCreate a Workspace
Strg – Umschalt – TCreate a scenario from a template
Strg – Umschalt – NCreate a scenario without data

In a table view

Strg – NCreate a dataset
Strg – SSave scenario
Strg – Umschalt – SSave view
Alt – Umschalt – SSave dataset
Strg – ZLoad new view
Strg – EExport view
Strg – IImport view
Strg – Umschalt – EExport scenario
Strg – Umschalt – IImport scenario

We are more than pleased with the new features and hope you are, too. Feel free to let us know what you think!

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