OPTANO Version 5  focuses on two exceedingly vital areas: transparency and usability. This current version has made considerable improvements in these two areas. This blog entry focuses first and foremost on its transparency and we will present the new features regarding usability in the next one.

Visualizing data

Processing and displaying data has become an art form of its own. Because even when all the important data has been collected and the desired results have been calculated, it doesn’t mean that the results have also been displayed comprehensibly and transparently . This is why OPTANO has brought the market leaders in visualization on board, namely Power BI and Tableau.

The current version of OPTANO lets you use Power BI and Tableau directly in the application. In this way, all the data that has been collected and calculated can be visualized. (If you want to know more about the options available, simply go to the developers’ websites: Power BI and Tableau).

While experts and users are still debating on which of the two providers is the most suitable for which purpose, we didn’t want to pre-empt our clients’ decision. This is why we are offering the combination of both options, depending on our clients’ requirements.


2 new views enable you to work faster, more easily and, above all, more transparently with OPTANO using different methods. A dashboard which serves directly as a start page, provides an overview of the scenarios that were last used as well as access to frequently used functions. This dashboard is, of course, adaptable to the needs of the user: For instance, those users who have never had anything to do with optimization jobs can simply hide this field.

The Scenario Workflow view gives an overview of the usual workflow of a project in OPTANO. In other words, it shows which views should be populated and in which order. By doing so, you can also set restrictions: View B can only be populated if View A already contains data. In this way you can ensure that consecutive datasets can be compiled in the correct order. Validation results are also displayed in this overview. As well as starting the optimization, the result views can also be opened from the Scenario Workflow.

New Icon- Set

We have opted for a new, modern Icon-Set in order to organize OPTANO more transparently. The old Icon-Set is still available, of course, and can be retained on request. In the course of our visual makeover we have also tidied up the menu bar and made it more transparent.

We are quite pleased with OPTANO’s new transparent look and we’ll soon be revealing the improvements we’ve made in usability. Watch this space!

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