„I cannot say whether things will get better if we change; what I can say is that they must change if they are to get better.” (Georg Christoph Lichtenberg)

Our decision to move to new premises was not just because we needed more office space – We also wanted to use this as an opportunity to improve! But what is actually better? What exactly do we need? Which concept suits us? And what are the requirements that still need to be met?

We drew up a list of issues which we put to discussion and hopefully we found the right answers to them. For all those who haven’t had the opportunity to visit us in our new premises, we are offering you an exclusive insight here.

Fixed workstation vs flexible workspace

Man is a creature of habit and most of us are happy to come to work in the mornings and find our workstation as we left it the day before. Family photos next to the computer screen, our favorite cookies in the drawer, the screen and chair are ergonomically adjusted and the mouse is where it belongs. Everybody has his/her own space which permits individuality, even in shared offices. It’s a bit like having your own home at the office…

On the other hand, we work very flexibly – on different topics and in varying team constellations. Sometimes we just need peace and quiet to concentrate and incoming and outgoing calls can be a disturbance.

This is why we have also made sure that fully equipped workstations are freely available for all colleagues in addition to their own fixed workstations. These are places we can go to if we want to work or just think about something in peace. If we know that there will be a day of phone calls ahead, we can choose a workstation where others aren’t going to be disturbed by them.

We are trying to get the best out of both worlds and are eager to see how it works!

The ideal office equipment

Desk, chair, screen, laptop, phone and you’re ready to go! We all know what belongs in an office. However, there is a huge range of office furniture and there are some functions where we asked ourselves whether they were really necessary…. We eventually chose furniture with a simple and functional design but which is still state-of-the-art. Adjustable desks let you work in a standing or seated position. They also come equipped with a memory function which means you can adjust the height as quick as a flash without having to keep experimenting with different heights until you get it right. The computer screen can be adjusted to everyone’s needs thanks to the swivel arm. An acoustic panel between the desks ensures a low noise level which is vital in offices where four people want to work with little disturbance.

Quiet areas

After lunch a short break to switch off? Or to retreat for an afternoon coffee and relax a bit? We all talk about it but ultimately everybody goes back to their desk and takes their coffee with them.

Yet taking a break is absolutely essential. Working without a break puts your physical and mental health at risk. For many people, however, it is hard to take a break at your own workstation– the phone rings, a colleague comes along and it’s tempting to take a quick look at your emails or resume working earlier than planned when the computer screen is in front of you.

To make sure that a break really does mean a break, we have a few rooms where work is forbidden. They are there just to chill out for a minute or two, to put your feet up and clear your head.

Open meeting spaces

Not every meeting is the same which is why not every meeting should take place in the same surroundings. A lot of discussions are more productive if you just sit on the sofa with a coffee. Sometimes you need the formal atmosphere of a “proper” conference room. Different surroundings can offer new incentives and promote creative thinking. This is why we have decided to provide different places for meetings and discussions and hope that there is something there for all our colleagues and for every occasion.


Even if we all work in different areas and on different projects, one aspect is always very important to all of us: being one team. And even though we continue to grow, we were all of the opinion that one ritual in particular should not fall by the wayside in our new premises – our lunchbreak together. And even though it is becoming more difficult to bring everyone under one roof – or in this case at one table –  there will still be a room where we all eat together at the same time. It may be a bit too cozy at times but that hasn’t bothered us so far.

Of course, it’s not entirely perfect just yet. As is usually the case when moving to new premises, there are still one or two boxes that need to be unpacked. And one or two pictures and accessories are still missing. We still aren’t sure where to put the toys for the kids when they’re here. But on the whole, we are really pleased with our new offices. We can’t wait to see how everything will work once we put our theories into practice. Time will tell.

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