OPTANO Modeling is the best API for mathematical programming in .net

OPTANO Modeling is the smart part of your software. It’s the .net API that enables mathematical programming in all software.

High quality

Apply all your quality rules and have quality assured within your CI

Easy to use

Every developer will feel comfortable with the API. Right from the start.

Free to use

Released under MIT License and maintained for years

Professional Support

Commercial support is available as well as free support

For Managers

OPTANO Modeling is finding the best solution

Freely Available: released under MIT License

  • Commercial license available

    Includes Warranty: OPTANO Modeling is also available under a commercial license including limited warranty.

Minimal requirements

  • Small footprint

    OPTANO Modeling uses only limited resources on the system. With a small memory footprint and a fast implementation it literally is only a thin layer between your software and the solver.

  • Integrates perfectly

    It integrates perfectly in any software architecture. It does not require any external components additional to the solver, that can not be controlled within your software. It just runs on the .Net Framework which comes with from Windows 7 and up.

  • Easy to use within a OPTANO Platform project

    If required, OPTANO Platform (available under commercial license) might be used to create a data layer and GUI.

Free choice of solver

OPTANO Modeling connects to almost every solver. You may start your project with a free solver like GLPK, Z3 to evaluate your model and solving times. If required OPTANO Model conntects easily to more powerful solver like Gurobi, CPLEX or Xpress. Just update the OPTANO Modeling configuration.

If solver licenses are already available to you continue using them with OPTANO Modeling

Get professional support

Service Level Agreements (SLA) and advanced expert’s support are available upon request.

OPTANO offers Service Level Agreements to support your team or client with any issue regarding OPTANO Modeling that might come up during development and the whole lifetime of your software.

The creators of OPTANO Modeling have implemented many optimization tools for a wide range of topics and branches. These experts may support your project team, consulting the team, implementing parts of the software, reviewing work and model your business process.

For software developers

Easily create a great application

Reduce development risks

OPTANO allows for math modeling as it should be: Create type-safe optimization models and have them software-tested thoroughly.

Use all the tools you love to create great code:

  • Versioning: Track and manage changes and keep data structures, business layer, front-end code and the math model under version control.
  • Find issues: Run unit- and integration tests with your favorite test tools.
  • Add code-documentation using tools you already know.

It just integrates perfectly!

Created for software developers by software developers

The API has been created by a team of software developers, that has created hundreds of optimization applications. It matches the needs of software developers and therefore is different from the modeling systems created for mathematicians. The API is straight forward, well commented and explained by examples. It is simply built for being integrated into software.

For everyone

Downloads and more information

Download, further details and information

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