Green light for TheaterLytics project

OPTANO is on board as a project partner

Paderborn’s District President Marianne Thomann-Stahl gave the go-ahead to the “TheaterLytics” project by officially awarding funding to its project partners at Paderborn City Hall on September 6th 2019. Alongside the Paderborn Theater and Paderborn University, OPTANO is one of the TheaterLytics project partners alongside Paderborn Theater and Paderborn University.

The aim of the project is to create digital solutions to support decisions made about revenue management and on how to organize the range of cultural events on offer. In this way, the project partners want to assist cultural institutions when it comes to capacity forecasts, scheduling events and pricing.

As a business partner, OPTANO GmbH will deploy its proven expertise in the area of “Prescriptive Analytics” and relies, among others, on procedures of computer-generated learning which have been adapted to the characteristics of the cultural sector.

You can learn more about the “TheaterLytics” project here.

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