„Data protection concerns us all“

An interview with our Data Protection Officer on European Data Protection Day

Today is European Data Protection Day. What better occasion for a short interview on this topic with Simon, our Data Protection Officer here at OPTANO.

Simon, why were you appointed Data Protection Officer at OPTANO last year?

OPTANO has always taken data protection seriously. However, in the last few months the number of employees processing personal data has increased rapidly. This meant that it became obligatory to have a Data Protection Officer. At the same time, however, I’m also glad to take on the challenge of  furthering the team’s awareness of this issue.

What sort of personal data do you have at OPTANO that falls within the scope of data protection?

As in every organization, we collect employee data such as names, birthdays and addresses, but we also have data regarding salaries, annual leave and sick days. Job applications are also a tricky issue when it comes to the question of data processing. And people who visit our website also leave information which is subject to data protection regulations. Client data needs to be taken into account, particularly in the software industry, and, above all, when it concerns data on inidviduals.

What have you learned in your first few months as a Data Protection Officer which you’d perhaps like to share with us here?

Data protection concerns us all and everybody has the right to decide for themselves who should have access to which data and when. Organizations should be well aware of the responsibility they bear when dealing with personal data.

Simon, thank you very much for talking to us and all the best for European Data Protection Day!

By the way: Simon has consented to his name and photo being published here. His consent is not only important to us personally but it also complies with statutory data protection requirements.