The Time Factor in Optimization: From operational to strategic

Time-Space networks can be applied to optimize delivery schedules. This can be used without any adjustment in order to compare scenarios. How does it work in practice?

OPTANO Algorithm Tuner Release V1.0.0.

Our OPTANO Algorithm Tuner Version 1.0.0. is now available for download free-of-charge – and it’s even faster and more efficient than before.

The Time Factor in Optimization: Multi-Commodity Flow and Storage

Classic flow analyses also function over time and take multi-commodity flows as well as storage into account.

The Time Factor in Optimization: Time-space networks model the flow through time

Time often plays a major role in planning problems. We demonstrate how this factor can easily be integrated into planning. With time-space networks we model the flow through time.

Implementing optimization projects successfully

In our experience implementing optimization projects successfully depends on several success factors. We want to present these to you today.

Advanced Analytics – Getting the best results from your data

Basic data analysis is no longer enough if you want to get the best out of your data. Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics combined with optimization technology provide the optimal solution.

The use and advantages of mathematical optimization

Strategic decisions often involve making large investments. It’s good to have considered all the scenarios beforehand.