One more thing about.. competing goals

Planning could be so easy if you only had one goal. But unfortunately, you usually have several, competing goals. How to find the best balance?

Managing disruption in production planning

Disruptions in production planning are inevitable. By deploying mathematical optimization software, businesses can manage even the most severe disruptions.

More efficient transport of returnable containers

A successful pilot project between VW Group Logistics and OPTANO

One more thing about … operational planning

Operational planning is one of three planning horizons where mathematical optimization can help. Find out what it can do for you in our new video.

3 Thoughts on… Advanced Analytics for supply chains

3 Thoughts on…
»Are Advanced Analytics the answer to supply chain problems?«

3 Thoughts on… Failing innovation projects in companies

3 Thoughts on…
»Why do so many companies struggle to implement innovations?«

One more thing about … optimality

Optimality is probably one of the most important keywords in our daily work. But what does it actually mean and is it really always the right goal?

3 Thoughts on … Increasing complexity in logistics

3 Thoughts on…
»Logistics is becoming ever more complex. Which factors contribute towards increasing complexity?«

One more thing about … planning of complex processes

There are many things that make planning difficult. In our video we show how mathematical optimization can make things easier for planners.

Optimal route planning at the touch of a button with mathematical basics

Mathematical optimization for route planning can be implemented with simple means and achieves amazing savings! More in our series.