One more thing about … optimality

Optimality is probably one of the most important keywords in our daily work. But what does it actually mean and is it really always the right goal?

3 Thoughts on … Increasing complexity in logistics

3 Thoughts on…
»Logistics is becoming ever more complex. Which factors contribute towards increasing complexity?«

One more thing about … planning of complex processes

There are many things that make planning difficult. In our video we show how mathematical optimization can make things easier for planners.

Optimal route planning at the touch of a button with mathematical basics

Mathematical optimization for route planning can be implemented with simple means and achieves amazing savings! More in our series.

Ready to exit the Corona shutdown?

The impact of the Corona virus means that businesses have to make important decisions. Now is the time to prepare for the post-Corona period.

OPTANO Logistics – Part I

Which decisions does a logistics provider have to make? What are the 7+Rs? And what does the building of the pyramids in Egypt have to do with it all?

Why OPTANO Modeling?

What makes OPTANO Modeling so special? What advantages does this modeling system have to offer? And what exactly is modeling?

Stochastic optimization – the universal solution?

An ideal planning instrument to guard against uncertainty? Stochastic optimization – the final step towards optimum planning…

Scenario generation – the way to achieve optimum planning

For the future, only one thing is certain: Things never turn out as planned – unless you are prepared…