Production in times of change – efficiently upgrading your planning processes

Production planning can be performed far more efficiently with mathematical optimization instead of a spreadsheet. We demonstrate the advantages!

Responding more efficiently to unforeseen downtime

Unforeseen downtime occurs in prodcution more often than we think. We show you how to handle this efficiently with mathematical optimization.

Scenario planning for more resilient supply chains

How can supply chains remain resilient when major disruptions such as pandemics take businesses unawares? Scenario planning is the answer…

Why Supply Chain Analytics? – Part II

The need for effective Supply Chain Management is growing the more complex supply chains become. Supply chain analytics can be deployed for many use cases in your company.

Why Supply Chain Analytics – Part 1

Supply Chain Analytics as a basis for the proactive management of supply chains to guarantee competitiveness

Managing disruption in production planning

Disruptions in production planning are inevitable. By deploying mathematical optimization software, businesses can manage even the most severe disruptions.

Are you ready for Prescriptive Analytics?

We explain why prescriptive analytics offers a strategic competitive advantage -especially to data-driven companies.

One more thing about.. competing goals

Planning could be so easy if you only had one goal. But unfortunately, you usually have several, competing goals. How to find the best balance?

More efficient transport of returnable containers

A successful pilot project between VW Group Logistics and OPTANO

One more thing about … operational planning

Operational planning is one of three planning horizons where mathematical optimization can help. Find out what it can do for you in our new video.