Can algorithm runtimes be predicted?

Are computer learning methods suitable for predicting the runtime of optimization algorithms?

OPTANO Algorithm Tuner – An interview with the developers

The OPTANO Algorithm Tuner has been launched and is available free of charge! Find out what it can do and who can benefit from it in an interview with the developers.

Release of OPTANO 5.4

OPTANO 5.4 is here! Among many other new features we are especially happy about the visualization of entities and their attributes!

OPTANO 5 – The shortcut to your goal

The new OPTANO Version 5 is faster and easier. Learn more about the new usability features.

OPTANO 5 – Now even more transparent!

OPTANO is now available in the new version 5. There’s been a lot of change! Learn more about the new features.

OPTANO Database: Master data and scenario data

How is the “miniature world” of a database created? And why is it a good idea to distinguish between master data and scenario data?

OPTANO Scheduler: Optimization on the server

Mathematical optimization on the server – solving Prescriptive Analytics models for the right performance and best scalability

The System Architecture of OPTANO

The system architecture of OPTANO offers a range of design options – with or without the application server?

Delivery profiles in OPTANO

Unused potential and synergies are lying dormant in the logistics world which can contribute towards cost-cutting. Delivery profiles are one example.