Demand Forecasting with Predictive Analytics

Many factors influence consumer behavior. We show you how to improve your forecasts with Predictive Analytics.

One more thing about… phase 1: the prototype

Optimization projects are complex and time-consuming. With a prototype, we ensure early on that everything is going in the right direction.

Why Supply Chain Analytics? – Part II

The need for effective Supply Chain Management is growing the more complex supply chains become. Supply chain analytics can be deployed for many use cases in your company.

Optimal contingency plans for any event

When something really does go wrong it’s good to have a contingency plan. We show you how optimization can help you find the best one.

Why Supply Chain Analytics – Part 1

Supply Chain Analytics as a basis for the proactive management of supply chains to guarantee competitiveness

A day with Dominik: IT Administrator at OPTANO

What is a typical working day at OPTANO? In our series „A Day with…“ we spend a day looking over a colleague’s shoulder. Today, we are with Dominik.

One more thing about… Predictive Analytics

Planning would be much easier if you could look into the future. That’s impossible, of course. But with predictive analytics, we’re getting pretty close.

Managing disruption in production planning

Disruptions in production planning are inevitable. By deploying mathematical optimization software, businesses can manage even the most severe disruptions.

Prescriptive Analytics in Production Planning

Prescriptive Analytics provide optimal solutions to production planning problems and help businesses to plan ahead far more effectively

Warehousing vs. Lean Production – when volatile demand meets production planning

Storage vs. Lean Production – when volatile demand meets production planning and how mathematical optimization can help