Behind the scenes: An interview with OPTANO’s Head of IT

Today is „System Administrator Appreciation Day”. To mark the occasion, we interviewed OPTANO’s Head of IT, Dominik Vahle.

Gearing up for a hybrid way of work

Many companies are getting ready for a hybrid way of work where some employees come into the office and others work from home…

Book recommendation: The Pea and The Sun

Knowledge is there to be shared. That’s why we want to share some of the books in our library with you. Today: The Pea and the Sun

One more thing about… production planning

In production planning, you can get really far with a good rule of thumb. We explain, how to get an awesome production plan instead of a good one.

The use and advantages of mathematical optimization

Strategic decisions often involve making large investments. It’s good to have considered all the scenarios beforehand.

Mastering algorithms – the story behind the gray box

In an interview, Robin Kemminer tells us about his work on the Graybox optimization project and why he enjoys working at OPTANO …

Demand Forecasting with Predictive Analytics

Many factors influence consumer behavior. We show you how to improve your forecasts with Predictive Analytics.

One more thing about.. competing goals

Planning could be so easy if you only had one goal. But unfortunately, you usually have several, competing goals. How to find the best balance?

Machine Learning and mathematical optimization – even better together!

Mathematical optimization and machine learning both have their strengths and weaknesses. By combining both, however, they complement one another perfectly.

Knowledge Management – a vital aspect of the OPTANO culture

Sharing knowledge has always been a part of OPTANO’s corporate culture.We reveal three methods that are used to ensure that knowledge is shared effectively among employees.