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Today: Who Am I?
And If So,
How Many?
A philosophical journey

by Richard David Precht

What it is about?

The sub-heading ”A philosophical journey” reveals what R.D. Precht’s book is all about: Precht takes the readers on a journey throughout the world of philosophy. 
By combining his insights on philosophy, psychology as well as neurological and biological science, Precht provides an expert, yet light-hearted introduction to the big philosophical question of mankind: 
What is truth? How do I know who I am? 
Why should I be good?

Why should I read it?

“Who am I? And If So, How Many” is a highly recommendable book for anybody who is new to philosophy. With his combination of short everyday anecdotes and scientifically proven studies, 
Precht proves that the central questions of philosophy can be an amusing read yet still be profound. This is a thought-provoking book – about life and what it has to offer!

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