From the OPTANO library

In this section we present books that we consider worth reading at irregular intervals. Worth reading because they impart knowledge, inspire reflection or are simply an exciting read.

Today: What if?

by Randall Munroe

What is  it about?

Can a human being swim safely in a spent-nuclear fuel pool? From what height would you have to drop a steak on the ground to make it hit the bottom cooked? Or: What would happen if our planet came to an abrupt stop but the atmosphere continued to rotate at undiminished speed?

Scientific answers to absurd theoretical questions are provided by physicist Randall Munroe in his book “What if? Thoroughly researched, with a humorous twinkle in his eye and lovingly illustrated.

Why should I read it?

The questions are delightfully absurd, the answers are fascinating, based on scientific research and with attention to detail. Never has it been more exciting to discover how our world works. Or do you happen to know whether you can light a fire with a magnifying glass and moonlight alone?

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