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In this section we present books every now and then that we consider worth reading; because they impart knowledge, inspire reflection or simply because they are a fascinating read.


by Daniel Kahneman

What is it about?

Nobel Prize winner Daniel Kahneman’s bestseller “Thinking, Fast and Slow” offers a fascinating insight into just how the human mind really ticks.

Kahneman explains how we make our decisions in everyday life – and sub-consciously make the wrong ones.

The influential psychologist deals profoundly with these issues in his book. Based on fascinating examples he shows the reader what to look out for during important decision-making proesses and explains whywe subconsciously make errors of judgement which ultimately lead to us making the wrong decisions. This is an intriguing must-read which is guaranteed to help you alter the way you think and make better decisions in day-to-day life.

Why should I read it?

Kahneman gives the reader intriguing insights into the the way our mind works. Despite the profound factual detail, Kahneman’s narrative style is light and entertaining. The huge number of positive reviews that the book has received are well deserved. Some reviewers are so taken with the book that they even confess to reading it once a year. A great self-help book with which to start the new year!

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