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In this section we’ll occasionally present books that we think are worth reading. Worth reading because they impart knowledge, inspire reflection or are simply a fascinating read.

Today: The Year Without Pants

by Scott Berkun

What is it about?

Millions of websites worldwide use WordPress software. The company behind it, Automattic Inc., has just 120 employees who are spread across geographical boundaries and various time zones. There is no strict hierarchy, no fixed working hours, e-mail communication is rare and marathon meetings don’t exist. Still, this small, convention-defying company has managed to make as great an impact on the Internet as the likes of Google and co. How do they do it?

The answers are revealed in the bestseller “The Year Without Pants” by Scott Berkun, a former Microsoft veteran. Berkun spent a year leading an innovative team of programmers at Automattic Inc., who all worked remotely across the globe. Here he reveals the secrets of how this small but powerful organization has succeeded in developing a futuristic work culture in which it is possible to work from home throughout the world and still be able to unfold creatively.

Why should I read it?

“The Year Without Pants” is a fascinating and entertaining account of what could normally be considered to be a fairly dry topic. It is also an inspiration to management and employees alike – proving that remote working can be a success and why it is well on the way to becoming the workplace of the future. Highly recommended for anybody who is trying to make the best of working from home at the present time.

Dr. Jens Peter KempkesManaging Partner at OPTANO

Digital version can be ordered free of charge from: Scott Berkun