The History of Greek Philosophy

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In this section we present books every now and then that we consider worth reading; because they impart knowledge, inspire reflection or simply because they are a fascinating read.

Today: The History of Greek Philosophy (Volumes I and II)

by Luciano De Crescenzo

What is it about?

In his bestselling volumes, De Crescenzo looks back over an entire millenium of Greek history.  Volume I looks at the Pre-Socratics, volume II takes us from Socrates and beyond. Do not be fooled into believing that this is a dry read. It is, in fact, an amusing introduction to Greek philosophy. The author’s narrative style is light and understandable instead of academic. Thus, the reader learns about the lives of the great Greek philosphers – their mindset, concepts and schools –  in an entertaining manner.

Why should I read it?

De Crescenzo was an engineer, manager and author – with a passion for philosophy. He also claimed to be a translator: “I translate the language of intellectuals into normal language”. Going by the motto “philosophers such as you and I”, de Crescenzo also narrates a few anecdotes from his neighbors and friends in Naples now and again, showing how the views of these ancient thinkers are still very much alive in our modern, everyday life. The ideal read for newcomers to philosophy!

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