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In this section we’ll occasionally present books that we think are worth reading. Worth reading because they impart knowledge, inspire reflection or are simply a fascinating read.

Today: The Code Book?

by Simon Singh

What is it about?

“The Code Book” by Simon Singh offers a fascinating insight into the history of cryptography. Not only does it provide an account of its development over the centuries, it also portrays the masterminds behind the world’s most complex codes and those who managed to break them. How these codes and their decryptions influenced major historical events makes for thrilling reading: for example, how the Allies cracked the Enigma Code during WWII, or, more recently, how Internet commerce was made secure.

Why should I read it?

The Code Book combines mathematical and logical explanations of  cryptography with accounts of thrilling historical events which makes this complex topic both understandable and entertaining. Highly recommended – even for non-mathematicians!”

Thorsten BonatoOperations Research Expert at OPTANO

Where can I order?

From amazon … and many more…

By the way…

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