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In this section we present books that we consider worth reading at irregular intervals. Worth reading because they impart knowledge, inspire reflection or are simply a fascinating read.

Today: My Brain is Open: The mathematical journeys of Paul Erdös

by Bruce Schechter

What is it about?

In his book “My Brain is Open: The mathematical journeys of Paul Erdös”, author Bruce Schechter narrates the bizarre story of the Hungarian mathematician and wandering genius, Paul Erdös.

Erdös, one of the most successful mathematicians of the 20th century, believed that the meaning of life was to prove and conjecture. For much of his life, he traveled from place to place in pursuit of mathematical proof, driven by his passion for numbers. Even though Schechter himself never met this eccentric genius, he combines Erdös’s unique personality and his incredible discoveries to provide a fascinating account of the most prolific mathematician ever.

Why should I read it?

Mathematics is an important part of this book but it is just one aspect of Erdös’s unique personality. Schechter brings this strange but happy man to life and you can only shake your head and smile while reading the various anecdotes. By the time you’ve finished reading, you’ll grasp the significance of his greeting, extended to 1000 hosts at 1000 airports: “My Brain is Open…”

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