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In this section we present books that we consider worth reading at irregular intervals. Worth reading because they impart knowledge, inspire reflection or are simply a fascinating read.

Today: Humble Pi: When Math Goes Wrong in the Real World

by Matt Parker

What is it about?

When flight crew and ground staff calculated how much fuel would be needed for an Air Canada flight using pounds instead of kilos, the plane had to make an emergency landing. This is just one of the many mathematical errors that have occurred in our real world and, in some cases, led to tragic consequences. Matt Parker, a stand-up comedian with a passion for math, not only looks at the entertaining and trivial math errors that have occurred throughout the world, but also at some of the most incredible ones. Some of the errors will astound, others will make you giggle.

In Humble Pi, Parker doesn’t focus on the significance of mathematical competency. Instead he gives us examples of the importance of quality control. English traffic signs with an erroneous depiction of the geometrical shape on footballs. McDonalds, which wrongly calculated the number of possible options in its menu deal (247 instead of 40,312)These are just two examples of errors that can be attributed to a lack of quality control.
To sum up, a fascinating book that reveals some astounding information.

Why should I read it?

Why do readers love Parker’s book? Because it’s an amusing take on modern technology which doesn’t require a deep understanding of math, despite what the title may lead you to think. Despite the serious consequences of some of the events described, Parker strikes a good balance between humorous and serious. The book explains in detail how the errors occurred and how we can learn from them. Some of the stories in the book will be familiar but there are also a few which are not as well-known and, thanks to Parker’s book, have only now been made public.
It’s one to enjoy!

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