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In this section we present books that we consider worth reading at irregular intervals. Worth reading because they impart knowledge, inspire reflection or are simply an exciting read.

Today: Factfulness: Ten Reasons We’re Wrong About the World – and Why Things Are Better Than You Think

by Hans Rosling

What is it about??

“Why is the world population increasing? How many girls actually have access to education worldwide?” When asked questions about global trends, most people will give the wrong answer. They are too pessimistic, enjoy reading and watching dramatic news reports and thus tend to overlook the more optimistic facts. In his book „Factfulness“ statistician and health researcher Hans Rosling shows us how our brain leads us towards this dramatic perception of the world around us.

Rosling believes that it is simply wrong to be afraid of what is happening around us and wants to show us how to gain knowledge which is based on facts. His book teaches us how to recognize the 10 most common types of “exaggerated” stories, how we can decide for ourselves and, above all, how factfulness can be achieved…

Why should I read it?

This book contains a simple but important message: a situation can only be assessed correctly if you know the facts.

Although Rosling uses a lot of diagrams and statistics to clear up the half-truths circulating around us, this approx. 400-page work is anything but dry theory. Lots of practical tips help us to analyze data more closely and how to categorize it. The book includes many moving and inspiring anecdotes about Rosling’s own experiences as a doctor in Africa and Asia. All in all: reading this book changes our mindset with regard to the world around us.

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