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In this section we present books every now and then that we consider worth reading; because they impart knowledge, inspire reflection or simply because they are a fascinating read.

Today: Big Bang – The Most Important Scientific Discovery of All Time and Why You Need to Know About It

by Simon Singh

What is it about?

In his book “Big Bang”, Simon Singh lets you in on the secrets behind the Big Bang theory.

In this highly enjoyable book, he deals with the ultimate question in world history: how was our universe created? Singh not only takes the reader on a fascinating and comprehensible exploration of this issue but he also focuses on other important aspects such as space, material and time. An absolute must for anybody who wants to know more about how scientists fought against established ideas to prove their own theories.

Why should I read it?

The origin of our universe has been an issue that mankind has debated for centuries. Is it really eternal and unchangeable or did it actually begin somewhere at some time?  Singh once again succeeds in taking a scientific issue and presenting it in its historical context. Whether it’s a subject you’re already familiar with or if you are looking for a light and entertaining introduction to cosmology, this book is right up your street.

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