A warm welcome to our new colleagues – round 2!

We already introduced a few of our new colleagues using the #TetrisChallenge in our last blog and are now pleased to welcome the other newbies here.

This time we have asked each of them to tell us something personal about themselves under the motto snapshot. This is based on an old tradition. So far it has been a custom of ours that we tell “embarrassing stories” each time a new employee joins the team. During our monthly team meeting, therefore, everybody has to tell an “embarrassing” story about themselves which nobdoy else in the team has heard before. Since only our new colleagues have to reveal something here, we’ve relaxed the rules a bit and instead of embarrassing, it’s just something personal.

Have fun reading the stories and getting to know our new colleagues!

Robin Kemminer

“It was the 90th minute of a football match in a district youth league. My team was winning 2-0 but then the other side scored and it was now an annoying 2-1. Young Robin thus asked himself: How can I stop it from becoming a draw? The simple but very effective answer was: the opponent can’t score another goal without a ball. And so I decided to throw myself onto the ball that was still lying in the goal, which meant our opponent couldn’t take its kick off. Unfortunately, neither the other team nor the referee appreciated my brilliant move and the only alternative was for the referee to give me my second yellow card of the game, thus resulting in red, which meant I had to be sent off. That could have been avoided! Fortunately, my team still won so that my actions didn’t cause any further damage. The worst of it, though, isn’t that it was the first (and so far the last) time I’ve ever been sent off, but the conversation with my trainer afterwards, who had been watching the entire episode from just a few meters away. When he asked me why I had been sent off I replied dejectedly: “I threw myself on the ball!” a quote which has never been forgotten in our club to this day.”

Fabien Göhl

“About a year ago I experienced a near-death experience when I became unconscious. That sounds more harmless than it actually is. In short: I had to go to school and I’d slept in. I got out of bed so fast that the blood flowed from my head to my legs so fast that my circulation forced me to lie down. The only problem was that I was already on the way to the kitchen to get something to drink. Fortunately I hadn’t cleared away a cardboard box that had been standing there for about a year gathering dust. It broke my fall and saved my life. If it hadn’t been there, I would have fallen and my head would have hit the corner edge of my closet. The moral of the story is: Don’t get out of bed too fast, it could be fatal, and don’t tidy up the house.”

Lea Kleinelümern

“In 2018 I was at a music festival in Miami and right at the start of the second day I lost my friends in the huge crowd. After 20 minutes I realized that I would never find them at this massive festival ground in the middle of the city. There was no mobile reception, either. Instead of just going back to our apartment, I simply decided to party without them and spent the next 8 hours at the festival on my own, met loads of new people of all different nationalities and saw my friends the next morning at breakfast. As it is, it turned out to be the best day of the whole weekend.”

Andreas Flohre

„My wife and I wanted to go hiking on the island of Corsica. We had prepared ourselves well, had trained for it, weighed our entire baggage, made notes of everything we needed to eat, etc.
In the end we each had a big rucksack with us that contained everything we needed to get by. Food, a thermal mat, a sleeping bag, cooker, waterproofs, a tent…
As evening approached we wanted to cover as much ground as possible and kept walking until it was almost dark. When it came to putting up the tent, however, we realized that we had left the tent pegs at home which meant, of course, no tent. On top of that, it started to rain. We sat underneath a tree, waited until the rain had stopped and then lay our mats down on the path. From there we looked at the stars in the sky, listened to the leaves rustling in the wind and the sound of the waves.
It was an amazing night and one that will stay with us. We can only thank our lucky stars that we forgot the tent pegs after all.”